The conference dedicated to the memory of Academician A.F. Ioffe. one of the founders of the national physical school, is timed with the 125th anniversary of his birthday.

In September 1918, Abram Fedorovich Ioffe became head of the Physicotechnical department of the newly organized State Institute for Roentgenology and Radiology. In 1921, this department was transformed into an independent institute, headed by Ioffe during several decades. In 1960, the name of its first head appeared in the title of the institute.

The theoretical and experimental investigations carried out at the Physicotechnical Institute under A.F. Ioffe's supervision, and with the participation of himself and his colleagues and pupils, cover nearly the entire field of modern physics. The institute became world-known owing to investigations in semiconductor physics, nuclear physics, solid-state physics, quantum electronics, astrophysics, plasma physics, and physical gas dynamics. Specialists are familiar with studies carried by staff members of the Institute in the field of the physics of interplanetary space and cosmology, controlled thermonuclear fusion, and motion of bodies in the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets.

In different years, 15 research institutes working now in various regions of our country and CIS countries originated from the Physicotechnical Institute.

Conference Scope

  • Modern development of A.F. Ioffe's scientific and educational concepts
  • Fiztekh and institutes to which it gave birth
  • Stages of A.F. Ioffe's creative activities
  • Physics and technologies of the XXI century
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